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The OneLife X is a high performance air purifier with innovative plasma filter technology capable of filtering up to 10 nanometres (0.000001 mm), which is better than most HEPA filters. It does not use a glass fibre filter, which cannot be recycled. The really unique feature of the OneLife X is that the filter never needs to be replaced. Simply wash the filter unit, dry it and put it back inside the air purifier. With the OneLife X, you save money on costly filter replacement AND help the environment by not producing any landfill waste. This air purifier emits NO harmful ozone. With average power consumption of just 6 watts, the OneLife X is among the most efficient air purifiers on the market.

During forest fires, which are becoming ever more intense and long lasting, many people are exposed to high levels of hazardous pollutants, some of which are invisible and can easily find their way into our homes. The OneLife X, which can filter particles down to 0.01 micrometres, makes light work of the particles in the smoke from forest fires, which are 0.4 - 0.7 microns in size. Although people who live farther away from forest fire areas may actually feel safer, they should not underestimate the effects of pollution from forest fires on their health. Depending on the wind and location, tiny particles can spread over hundreds of kilometres and have both short and long term effects on health. As humans are not always able to perceive these particles themselves, the precision sensor technology of the OneLife X does this for you by monitoring the concentration of air pollutants. If they reach a dangerous level, the air purifier starts up automatically and gives you a warning. 

How long the filter lasts depends on how well you look after it. If you wash it regularly and clean it carefully, it can last a lifetime without ever needing to be changed. This saves not only additional waste, but also ongoing costs for our customers.

Our OneLife X can supply clinically pure air for room sizes up to 30 m² (323 ft²). The unit can be tilted, so that you can access clean air exactly where you want it.

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