OneLife X - the last air purifier you will ever need

OneLife X

The last air purifier
you will ever need.

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Our groundbreaking zeroOzone technology eliminates 99.99% of airborne particles and eliminates particles 30x smaller than HEPA filters.

And you never need to replace the filter. Ever.

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GERMAN Engineered

Highest Quality Standards


Pay your way

absolutely clean air

Designed to protect your health and the planet

No Filter Replacement. Ever.

Our Filterunit is dishwasher safe. Or just give it a good rinse and let dry, and it’s ready to go again.

zeroOzone Technology.

Filters out particles 30x smaller than HEPA filters leaving you with 99.99% clean air

Sustainable Materials.

Made of fast-growing bamboo and recycled plastics to protect you and the planet

Virtually Silent.

Efficient design makes the OneLife X run whisper quiet without disturbing you

Highly Energy Efficient.

At just 6 watts, the OneLife X consumes less than an average LED lamp

Smart Control.

By using our app, control the settings of your OneLife X remotely, and stay current on air quality details inside and outside your home. 

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High Performance Air Purification

  • Improved air quality increases efficiency & productivity by 61%. OneLife X ensures perfect conditions for your personal workout, a clear head at work, or just some quiet time.
  • A deep and healthy sleep helps to improve your immune system and energy levels. Our ultra quiet, sleep mode air ventilation performs at a virtually silent level so it can be your ultimate sleep supporter.
  • Our air is swarming with triggers for those suffering from asthma and seasonal allergies. You can prevent the onset of attacks 24/7 with OneLife X.

one for life

Washable Filter Unit

our zeroOzone

Filter Technology

Laser Detected Pollutants

OneLife X is built with a precision laser sensor that detects indoor pollutants, VOCs, fine dust (PM2.5) and ultra-fine particles (PM1) in the air and monitors humidity and temperature. The sensors operate like the brain behind the operation.

Electrostatic Charging

We filter 99.99 % of all particles from the air - without generating harmful ozone. Even the smallest pollutants and pathogens like bacteria and viruses do not stand a chance. The electric field captures the spike protein, thus neutralizing any virus.

Pollution Magnets

Using this plasma field to ionize the particles instead of forcing air through a thick filter means there's no restriction of airflow, so OneLife X requires very little energy, runs virtually silently, and generates no harmful ozone.

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Denim Collection

The daily jeans items that can go with your every outfits. Flexible. Durable. But never out of mode.

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Independent Test Results

The independent lab test by IUTA shows that “OneLife X can provide per hour, on average, about 121 cubic meters of air free of particles, including viruses and small exhaled droplets that are potentially virus-laden. The filtration efficiency for larger exhaled droplets is even larger, resulting in a CADR of 131 cubic meters per hour.”

Cleaning Efficiency & Ozone Emission

The independent lab also tested for Ozone Emission. IUTA concluded that OneLife X does NOT add ozone to the room even after 60 minutes of constant purification. The lab stated: “The amount of emitted ozone lies with (1.6 ± 1.8) ppb substantially below the limit of 50 ppb specified by UL 867-37.”

In the graph below you see the ozone concentration as a black line (with the OneLife X running full speed) and a red line (the natural background levels of ozone that are always present). They are almost identical and far lower than the officially accepted concentration of ozone in a room.


Award-winning Design

OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier
OneLife X Air Purifier

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